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Our friend John Petkovic of the Plain Dealer (who Cleveland music lovers know from so many great bands such as Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple, Scarcity of Tanks, and of course the legendary Death of Samantha) wrote about the upcoming Lottery League Showcase  at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum featuring 2013 Cleveland Lottery League standouts Queen of Hell (pictured above), Douglas Adams Family, Dinosaur Coffin and Psychic Thrills, Wednesday August 28th at 7pm. Our showcase is the last show of the year for the Rock Hall’s Summer in the City Series and oh what a finish it promises to be. We hope to see you all there!

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August 28th Lottery League Showcase at the Rock Hall! Thu, 15 Aug 2013 17:25:13 +0000




We are very excited about the 2013 Cleveland Lottery League bands Queen of Hell, Douglas Adams Family, Dinosaur Coffin and Psychic Thrills all being on a bill together for the the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s great FREE summer shows, “The Summer in the City Series“, and to have this showcase be the grand finale to this year’s Rock Hall shows only makes us even more excited! Not only will this show feature four of the best of the best to play the Big Show MMXIII (all hand picked by the Rock Hall!), but it is also the first show these four groups have played out live since the Big Show. And to add to the fun, each band will not only revisit their original 10 minute set’s they played for the Big Show, but they’ve also worked hard to add another 15 minutes of new material which they’ll debut for this Rock Hall showcase! So make your plans, and get set to see the Lottery League spotlighted at the Rock Hall with the summer and the Cleveland’s skyline as the backdrop, because Wednesday, August 28th, shall certainly be a night not to be missed!

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The Council of Chiefs



The Lottery League and… Economic Impact? Wed, 23 Jan 2013 01:28:23 +0000

Cleveland State University prepared an economic impact study about the Cleveland music sector for the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture. The Lottery League was one of their case studies:

More than the Council of Chiefs could have ever imagined, both the 2008 and 2010 shows were hugely successful. Approximately 150 artists formed 33 distinct groups that performed at each show. “No one else has accomplished what we have in Cleveland,” says Sotelo. While there have been similar attempts in other cities including Los Angeles, no other city has presented an event of this magnitude in terms of both the number of bands performing and the tickets sales for The Big Show.

There are other positive effects that spring from the League’s hard work. In 2010 they recognized six bands that were still together after performing in 2008. Also, Sotelo notes that some friendships, business relationships and even romances developed thanks to the League’s musical experiment. Is the League popular? Yes! Will it continue to grow? You betcha! This is one of a growing trend of “cool” things to do in Cleveland.

You can look through the entire PDF here.

Whopperjaw Interviews the Council of Chiefs Wed, 23 Jan 2013 01:19:06 +0000

Don’t miss this great interview with the Council of Chiefs about the birth, life and future of the Lottery League:

…one Saturday morning my friend Nate was over and I glanced on Myspace which everyone was using then. Ed Sotelo had posted a long rant on there about the lousy music he had seen the night before and about how he thought all city’s bands should break up and be part of sports-like draft. I was like, “Holy shit.” Then, Nate and I started talking about it. Eventually I ended up calling Ed and said, “Remember that thing you posted earlier? We can totally do that.”

The Plain Dealer Covers Lottery League 2008 Wed, 23 Jan 2013 01:15:32 +0000

John Petkovic covered the Lottery League 2008 for the Plain Dealer:

Four strangers walk into a room, plug in and start a band. A noisy concept no doubt. But as Snuggle Prophet discovered, four people from radically different musical backgrounds — pop, metal, punk and avant-garde noise — could craft a seamless sound.

Well, for 10 minutes or so. Snuggle Prophet is one of 33 just-formed bands in the Cleveland Lottery League. The sports-draft-meets-art-performance features 144 musicians playing with people they’ve never played with before.



Shark&Minnow on Lottery League 2013 Wed, 23 Jan 2013 01:10:09 +0000

Eric Kogelschatz is looking forward to this year’s Big Show!

One of my first memories of Cleveland was the 2010 Lottery League. I had just moved to Cleveland from Boston where I was a drummer in an indie rock band. I was new to the scene and curious to see what was happening. We attended “The Big Show” at the Beachland Ballroom and experienced the mayhem that is Lottery League. And I was hooked. Such a great concept to bring musicians together, inspire each other, collaborate and create new art. After the show, I was already looking forward to the next Lottery League. A few years later it’s back and I cannot wait. So make sure you don’t miss out on the greatest music event in Cleveland.

Organic/Mechanic Recaps Lottery League 2008 Wed, 23 Jan 2013 01:06:54 +0000

Here’s a bit of what Adam Harvey thought about our 2008 show:

Nothing cooler than last night is going to happen in Cleveland this year. Over 150 local musicians were randomly shuffled into 33 new bands; these bands had six weeks to make music for a 10 minute set at the Beachland Ballroom. The resulting music was an outstanding inversion of Sturgeon’s Law. There was a bit of everything from, Japanese pop [Dr. Widget] to death metal [Born Raped [OK, no one else probably thinks so, but I do.]] It was obvious that some bands took their League status very seriously, while other were out to have a fun time.

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