Lottery League 2013: Tony Erba and his Midwestern Electric bandmates are ready to put a charge into ‘The Big Show’

By Chuck Yarborough, The Plain Dealer
April 07, 2013

It’s raw, it’s nasty and it’s a strangely melodic sonic onslaught, unleashing a full-frontal assault of screaming vocals, chunky and distorted guitar chords, machine-gun bass lines and sweaty, mortarlike drum beats.12529773-standard

Midwestern Electric is exactly what a rock band should be. And it’s all by accident.

The Lottery League, reportedly an idea born of a drunken MySpace rant by a frustrated musician who suggested everyone should just start over, is scheme by which bands are created almost willy-nilly on a midwinter draft night. The only caveat: No member of a lottery band can ever have played with or been connected with another member of the band.

It sounds simple, until you realize that we’re talking about swimming in a pretty shallow pool — in the case of the 2013 Lottery League, that’s 169 men and women who are part of the Cleveland music scene playing original compositions (rather than covers). It is such a tight-knit group that even those who haven’t previously played together at least know of each other…… Read the rest of the story here on Cleveland.com