Lottery League 2013: National expansion plans are on the wish list for organizers

By Chuck Yarborough, The Plain Dealer
April 07, 2013

The Lottery League is all Ed Sotelo’s fault.12529572-large

Sotelo, according to his friend and fellow co-founder of the Lottery League’s Council of Chiefs, Jae Kristoff, posted a drunken rant on MySpace saying that all of Cleveland’s many bands should just break up and start again.

“MySpace” tells you how long ago that was. But the idea germinated in Kristoff’s brain, partly fed by another experiment he did in which he and some bandmates stayed up 72 hours straight and recorded anyone who wanted to come into the Zombie Proof studio.

“You could come in with an eggbeater and we’d play with you,” said Kristoff, a punk-rock vocalist and “things” player who’s currently running Cleveland State University’s radio station, WCSB FM/89.3, and going to school full time.

When that little experiment ended, several local musicians who’d missed out on the chance approached Kristoff and his friends with pleas that they be notified next time he got a wild idea….. Read the rest of the story on here.