Lottery League 2013: Tony Erba and his ‘new’ band, Midwestern Electric, writing and rehearsing for ‘The Big Show’

By Chuck Yarborough, The Plain Dealer

“This is the band I’ve wanted to be in my whole life.”

Jack Storey, sweat beading on his forehead and breathing heavily, had just finished belting out the lyrics to “And What If Kevin Chang Scares the Success Out of You,” one of the driving songs he and Midwestern Electric bandmates Tony Erba and Greg Hyland were working on Friday night.

Storey wrote the song — and for the record, I never heard the words “Kevin Chang” in them — and was going over it with the guys in what began as Band No. 22 in the 2013 Lottery League.

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Singer-songwriter-guitarist-filmmaker Jack Storey belts out a tune during a rehearsal for the Lottery League 2013 band Midwestern Electric during a rehearsal Friday night.