Lottery League 2013 Draft Night Video

Want to relive the 3 hours of the 2013 Lottery League Draft Night all over again? Well, good news! Just posted on youtube by Peter Beurmann (the man behind all the live stream tech for the Beachland and the Lottery League) is your dream come true. It’s just like being there live on Draft night, except now on your computer. Thank you, Peter!

One thought on “Lottery League 2013 Draft Night Video

  1. Wow! Draft night was a wonderful and circus like event and I was surprised that such a project existed in Cleveland. However, after recognizing so many of names during the draft I wasn’t surprised the Lottery League existed but that I hadn’t heard of it sooner. I’m very excited for all the newly formed bands. Best of luck to you all! Thank you for the opportunity to stream the event live and I hope to be involved in The Big Show.

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