The Lottery League and… Economic Impact?

Cleveland State University prepared an economic impact study about the Cleveland music sector for the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture. The Lottery League was one of their case studies:

More than the Council of Chiefs could have ever imagined, both the 2008 and 2010 shows were hugely successful. Approximately 150 artists formed 33 distinct groups that performed at each show. “No one else has accomplished what we have in Cleveland,” says Sotelo. While there have been similar attempts in other cities including Los Angeles, no other city has presented an event of this magnitude in terms of both the number of bands performing and the tickets sales for The Big Show.

There are other positive effects that spring from the League’s hard work. In 2010 they recognized six bands that were still together after performing in 2008. Also, Sotelo notes that some friendships, business relationships and even romances developed thanks to the League’s musical experiment. Is the League popular? Yes! Will it continue to grow? You betcha! This is one of a growing trend of “cool” things to do in Cleveland.

You can look through the entire PDF here.